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Glarry GST Electric Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue White Sunset
By l***n
May 04, 2024
Love this guitar and amp. Great quality and amazing price. Even free postage and it was quick! The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because of the customer service. I was a little worried that they didn't post to Northern Ireland. So I asked. While waiting for the answer I thought I'd risk it and order anyway. I got the answer the next day that they do not ship to Northern Ireland. You can see from the picture that they clearly do! I'm very happy they were wrong.
Glarry GST Electric Guitar Full Size Blue Black
By J***e
Apr 19, 2024
Small problems with but,but easy fix.
Glarry GST Electric Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue White Sunset
By H***s
Mar 13, 2024
Having just spent a couple of grand on Fender Telecasters, I decided to buy this as a "project" to update bits and pieces over the coming months. Firstly the blue burst finish is very nice, and I can't see any obvious flaws. It came with the strings tuned down a bit, which is good as there's not too much tension on the neck while it's being shipped. Speaking of the strings, the set it came with are horrible, very rough - get yourself a decent set of strings and change them immediately (I belie ...
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar White Red
By R***L
Mar 03, 2024
I been using this for a while and it play good and feels good great for beginners
Glarry GST Electric Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue White Sunset
By J***n
Feb 02, 2024
Decent guitar is almost an exact copy of an 60s/70s Stratocaster. Beautiful finish is fairly soft and scratches easily, but it may not be completely cured. Strings are really awful - poor action and tone but a set of Ernie Ball Hybrids fixed noth issues. Tone is surprisingly good through all 3 pickups. Amplifier has decent sound and power but there's an odd hum at some, but not all, settings that may be coming from the amp, the guitar pickups or controls, the supplied cable (very cheap!), or the ...
Glarry GST-E Electric Guitar Full Size Rosewood Fingerboard HH Pick-up
By c***k
Jan 25, 2024
Good for the price, pleasantly surprised.This is a good deal for the price, overall better than I expected. After I did the setup on it (straighten the neck, adjust the action and intonation, adjust the pickups, dress the frets, and tighten the tone pot), I was pleasantly surprised, I use it for practice with a headphone amp. The finish on the body is good, had one small defect but not noticeable. The bridge is a bit funky but workable. The case and strap are not worth much, but I wasn't expecti ...
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
By t***k
Jan 11, 2024
Decent for the money. Having said that, the kit is not bad for the money. The amp works although the drive channel is a bit of a joke. Better off getting an inexpensive drive pedal separately if needed. The clean tones are fine. Has enough volume for a practice amp. Seems to have a decent speaker magnet given the weight. The guitar was playable in the cowboy chord area although the action will need to be lowered for upper fret play. The strings will also not last very long. While the nut measur ...
Glarry GST Electric Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue White Sunset
By J***y
Jan 08, 2024
Great for the price. Packaging box was slightly damaged. Some scratches on the guard. But overall it sounds and plays great.
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
By a***m
Dec 15, 2023
I only received the guitar. I'm not sure if I should be expecting a separate package with the Amp but I have sent an email.Other than than that the condition is great and I'm satisfied overall.
Glarry GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black
By L***a
Nov 19, 2023
Although my string broke the first time I used lol it's a really good guitar.

Electric guitar is the product of modern science and technology, with fashionable appearance and standard timbre, it has strong expressive force in modern music. An electric guitar is a guitar that requires external amplification in order to be heard at typical performance volumes, unlike a standard acoustic guitar. It uses one or more pickups to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical signals, which ultimately are reproduced as sound by loudspeakers. The sound is sometimes shaped or electronically altered to achieve different timbres or tonal qualities on the amplifier settings or the knobs on the guitar from that of an acoustic guitar.

Electric guitar design and construction varies greatly in the shape of the body and the configuration of the neck, bridge, and pickups. The sound of an electric guitar can be modified by new playing techniques such as string bending, tapping, and hammering-on, using audio feedback, or slide guitar playing. There are several types of electric guitar, including: the solid-body guitar; various types of hollow-body guitars; the six-string guitar (the most common type), the seven-string guitar, the eight-string guitar and the twelve-string guitar, which has six pairs of strings.

Some people choose electric guitars only pay to attention price, from the surface there is no difference, but ignore cheap electric guitars low-tensile strength, fret wire bring the change of sound quality, the impact of poor quality have efficiency and hand feeling. Electric guitars for sale on Glarrymusic, can have a variety of options. Electric guitar has a stylish outlook, stable performance and melodious sound. Easily transportable, accurately intonated and fun to play, the It surely is worth your. Electric guitar gives you wonderful audio experience. This electric guitar throws in incredible value to quickly become a guitar that grabs your attention.