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Goodbye 2021: A Year To Change... And Heal!

January 17, 2022


When the bell rings on New Year's Eve, we officially bid farewell to 2021.

Standing at the dividing point of time, we heard too many sounds. The variants of the COVID-19 spread like a tsunami, disruption to global supply chains, and rare extreme weather occurred frequently... In the face of these sudden challenges and problems, many industries are undergoing changes.

With these changes, has your life also experienced some major or minor changes? Are there any unfinished hugs, parties, trips, works, trivia, regrets, and even dreams that need to be postponed?

Looking back at 2021, the past year was a year of seeking balance amidst changes and perfection amidst deficiencies, which is of great significance to Glarry. We focused on product quality improvement and upgrade development. In addition to the detailed improvements and packaging upgrades of the products on sale, we also successfully developed GP Ⅱ, GJazz Ⅱ, GST Ⅱ, Burning Fire Ⅱ and other high-quality musical instruments suitable for professional musicians. Faced with the dual pressures of Los Angeles port congestion and soaring transportation costs, we uphold our original intention and continue to provide competitive prices for all beginners and music lovers.

During the times of physical isolation, we need to creat new ways to stay in touch and keep doing the things we love. Therefore, more than ever, we believe in the power of music. We believe that music can bring joy and calm in these crazy times, give you the courage to face the challenges of your life, break through the fear of the unknown, and heal the wounded soul. We want to be brave music dreamers with you. To explore, to change, to persevere, and to heal.

Although 2022 will not be easy, Glarry has made more preparations than last year. 2022, make the world hear our sounds.

Thank you for your attention. Stay tuned to our news for more updates and big events.

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