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Create Fun Even If You Are Alone At Home

March 16, 2022


Spending quality time with yourself is one of the best things in the world. In fact, research shows that it can benefit your overall well-being and improve life satisfaction. Here's the question: What are some fun things you can do yourself? You can learn a new skill or do something you really enjoy, like playing a guitar.

The best part? Getting started is easy - because all you need is support from Glarry. Check out our 4 top electric guitars below.

  • 1. Glarry GST Electric Guitar

    Value-for-money Entry Level Strat

    This low-priced take on Glarry's pride and joy features the three classic single coil pickups, provide a clear and bright sound and strong penetrating power. The 22-fret fingerboard is designed for speed and easy bending, providing an unparalleled feel for solo or chords.


    + Performance exceeds price tag

    + Plenty of versatility in the sound

    + Massive range of finishes

  • 2. Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar

    The Bass You’ll Aspire to Play

    Glarry's GP range of electric bass guitars is one of the most popular budget-friendly series on the market today, marrying up exceptional quality with the tone you’ve been dreaming about. The split single-coil pickup delivers a full and powerful tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made GP a classic.


    + Pro-level tones

    + Unbeatable value

    + Highly playable

    Dive into more: Glarry® GP Bass Guitar

  • 3. Glarry Burning Fire Electric Guitar

    Best Budget Guitar for Metal

    If something more strong and metal tickles your fancy, perhaps this beautiful Burning Fire will be more to your liking. The H-S-H pickups delivers a clean, clear and bright tone and provides a thick and violent distortion. Effective for all playing styles, espacially rock, metal and pop. Pick and fingerstyle players will love it.


    + Great metal and rock guitar

    + Astoundingly playability

    + Very impressive finishes

  • 4. Glarry GIB 4 String Electric Bass Guitar

    A Workhorse with Exceptional Tones

    You’ll be impressed with this instrument’s pickups - a hum-canceling split single-coil in the middle position and a J-style single-coil at the bridge, which deliver a powerful, punchy tone and classic sounds of bass. It should definitely be on your short list.


    + Impeccable set of tones

    + Versatile performance

    + Great build quality

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected]. Thank you.

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