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Best Gifts for Christmas

December 03, 2021


Merry Christmas! Glarry Best Gifts are finally here. Lay-by now to make sure your Christmas surprise is ready in time for the big day.

Value-for-money Entry Level Strat
This latest low-priced take on Glarry's pride and joy features the three classic single coil pickups, plus the brand new 20W Amplifier, provide a clear and bright sound and strong penetrating power. The 22-fret 9.5" radius fingerboard is designed for speed and easy bending, providing an unparalleled feel for solo or chords.
The Bass You’ll Aspire to Play
Glarry GP Bass is one of the most popular flagship, marrying up exceptional quality with the tone you’ve been dreaming about. The split single-coil pickup delivers a full and powerful tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made GP a classic. Don't miss the set with Amp, which can save more money and time.
The Impressive Tones Have Never Been More Enticing
You’ll be impressed with this instrument’s pickups - a hum-canceling split single-coil in the middle position and a J-style single-coil at the bridge, which deliver a powerful, punchy tone and classic sounds of bass. It should definitely be on your short list.
Best Budget Semi-Hollow with Authentic Warm Vibe
Having a humbucker on the neck pickup sounds really warm and robust, and having a single on the bridge pickup sounds pretty thin and bright. The F Hole semi-hollow design gives an attractive warm tone, it's a little more airy and less punchy with a softer, squashier tonality.
An Ultra-modern, Classic Spec’d T-type
This impressively spec’d T-type is a modern player’s dream and with so many sounds inside, it may be the only guitar you ever need. The Single-Single pickups create a perfectly balanced tone with the vintage warmth and crisp sound, allowing GTL to easily go from hard rock to country.
A Beautiful Choice for Beginners and Advanced Students
If your purpose is beginner or intermediate level, this GV306 violin would be more than enough. It produces a very rich and room filling sound, which is a pleasant surprise at this reasonable price point. You don't need to "Rob Your Wallet", you can afford it.
Great for Newcomers, with Long-lasting Appeal
If you don’t like the thickness of an electric guitar, try a more understated and crisp acoustic guitar. This cutaway construction produces a full, rounded sound, which equates to volume and confident mid-level power in support of a bright treble.
As Good to Look at As It Is to Play
As well as coming in at a very wallet-friendly price,  this beautiful Burning Fire both looks and performs great. There’s plenty of versatility in the sound with a split-coil neck pickup and a single-coil J pickup at the bridge. Effective for all playing styles, pick and fingerstyle players will especially love it.
Suitable for GST / GTL Electric Guitars
If you need a portable and durable case to hold your favorite musical instrument for good protection, this is the one. Made of PVC plastic, with luxurious lining, compartments and lockable latches. The ultra-sturdy flat top box design provides heavy protection for the guitar.
Quite Possibly the Best Left-handed Guitar under $150
Are you a member of the lefty guitarists club like Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iommi? Then this is definitely a left handed guitar with all the features you need, no matter what style of music you play. Plug in and rock out with our pick of the best left-handed guitars.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fell free to contact us. Our email address is: [email protected]. Thank you.

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