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Glarry GV101 Matte Violin 4/4

Glarry GV101 Matte Violin 4/4

Glarry GV101 4/4 Matte Violin
Violin + Case + Bow + Strings + Rosin + Shoulder Rest + Tuner
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Size 4/4
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Glarry GV101 Violin

Perfect Jujube Wood Violin for Beginners

Designed for beginners, the Glarry GV101 Violin is a great option for violin enthusiasts who are looking for an awesome and affordable instrument. The standout feature is its jujube wood accessories, including the fingerboard, tuning pegs, chin rest, tailpiece, and end pin. These accessories are not only durable and well-made but also showcase the unique beauty and charm of jujube wood violins while providing stable performance.

Glarry is well-known for offering affordable instruments with good quality and performance, specifically designed to meet the needs of beginning violin students, intermediate violinists, and violin enthusiasts.

Reasonable prices that everyone can afford!

  • 1. Excellent Materials:

    The violin is made of high-quality maple for the top, back, and sides, providing a sturdy structure with a beautiful matte finish. The jujube fingerboard is stable and comfortable to press, allowing for improved playability. The tuning pegs, chin rest, and endpin are also made of jujube for long-lasting use.

  • 2. Great Sound:

    It produces a pleasant bright and warm tone with good resonance. The pair of classic 'F' holes contribute towards the sound projection of the instrument. The Jujube tailpiece with a fine tuners is not only aesthetically pleasing but also keeps the violin in tune, contributing to creating the best sound quality.

  • 3. Complete Kit:

    It comes with everything you need to get started, including a case, a bow, a rosin, a shoulder rest, a tuner and spare strings. The bow is crafted from arbor and features a white horsehair tail, ensuring a smooth and precise playing experience. The inside of the case is lined with soft material to provide optimal protection for the vviolin during transportation.


1. The bridge will not be pre-set to prevent damage during shipping.

2. Please handle the tuning pegs with care and push them in when adjusting.

3. Rub the rosin powder on the bow before playing as the new bow may not produce sound.

  • Tuning Peg

    To tune the violin, tighten the pegs carefully and ensure that they are not too loose or too tight. Tune the strings in the order of G-D-A-E from left to right, and gently push the pegs in after tuning.

    When tuning a new violin kit, it may take several attempts to stabilize the pitch. This is normal and expected for a new violin.

  • Use Bow and Rosin

    1. Tighten the bow screw and keep the horsehair in the middle part away from the bow rod by about 0.40 inches.

    2. Scrape the surface of the rosin with the bow screw.

    3. Rub the horsehair back and forth evenly on the surface of the rosin to make the bow hair stick with the rosin until the violin produces sound.

  • Care and Maintenance

    1. Keep your violin away from fireplaces, heaters, and damp places. Also, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as this may cause damage.

    2. After each use, wipe the rosin powder and dust from the strings with a clean cloth.

    3. Avoid touching the bow hairs with your hands, and do not tighten the bow too much during practice. Before each practice, apply rosin evenly on the bow hairs.

Bridge Installation

Step 1

Loosen the strings slightly to avoid breaking them when placing the bridge.

Step 2

Align the notches on the bridge with all four violin strings.

Step 3

Hold the bottom of the bridge with both hands and stand it vertically on the panel.

Step 4

Place it in the middle of the F-holes and correspond to both notches horizontally of the "F" holes.


Size 4/4
Violin ColorNatural
Face MaterialMaple
Back MaterialMaple
Side MaterialMaple
Tuning Peg MaterialJujube
Tailpiece MaterialJujube
Chin Rest MaterialJujube
End Pin MaterialJujube
Violin Bow MaterialArbor
Violin Bridge MaterialMaple
String MaterialSteel String
Fine Tuner1
Bow Length29.13" / 74cm
Violin Dimensions(23.42 x 8.27 x 2.76)" / (59.5 x 21 x 7)cm
Weight 52.91oz / 1500g

Package Includes:

1 x Violin

1 x Case

1 x Bow

1 x Rosin

1 x Strings Set

1 x Shoulder Rest

1 x Turner

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by T***n

on March 15,2024

I bought this just to have some fun. I played in high school and TMJ disorder means I can't play my wind instruments anymore. I'm still breaking it in, but it holds its intonation surprisingly well and doesn't have an AWFUL sound. I'm sure a professional would be able to notice right away that this is not a serious violin. But it does the job for a beginner or just for some at-home fun!

by E***z

on March 06,2024

Excellent violin for a child and beginner. My granddaughter loved it and is really enjoying her violin lessons.

by M***d

on February 19,2024

A master violinist (and teacher) told me it was great for the price and had fairly good sound. She said the biggest problem with cheap violins is that they can't be tuned. This violin is fairly easy to tune but make sure the pegs are pushed in because they can become loose and then it becomes impossible to tune. It gets out of tune fairly easy so learn how to tune (it's fairly easy with a violin tuning app) and how to restring (YouTube tutorial). Also, new violins (new strings) take a few weeks ...

by J***a

on February 08,2024

You get what you pay for and that is a BEGINNER violin.

by J***s

on January 29,2024

Comes with everything to get started. Resin did come all shattered and powdered though.

by P***s

on January 18,2024

Beautiful instrument. Well crafted. Nice tone. But the bridge isn't already installed. Had to take it to a tuner to get that put on properly.

by L***M

on January 16,2024

The sound and the quality of craftsmanship were a great surprise. The violin is well made, and it sounds good.

by tk

on January 09,2024

This was for my daughter in elementary school! Great value for product.

by J***n

on December 30,2023


by B***r

on December 14,2023

So Beautiful! Have to see it to appreciate it!

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