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How to Adjust Guitar Neck?

How to adjust guitar neck

(applicable to the adjustment of the guitar at the sound hole): the middle protrusion and the touch turn counterclockwise from the direction of the adjustment spanner toward the 6-chord direction. When the chord is too high, the middle depression is rotated clockwise in the 1 string direction.

Adjustment position of the sound hole (as shown below):

1. Place the guitar in front and face right. If the neck is bent to the right (middle depression), turn the hexagonal knife in the direction of one string, so that the neck is straight, which can effectively reduce the chord distance and make playing comfortable.

2. If the neck is bent to the left (protruding in the middle), turn the hexagonal knife in the direction of the six strings, so that the neck is straight, it can effectively increase the strings distance to ease the beating.

3. When the fingerboard of the guitar is relatively straight, (because of the natural flexibility of wood, it is impossible to ensure the permanent stability of the wood against the strings under different tension of the strings). Therefore, after the fingerboard is relatively straight, the distance between the strings is still high, that is, the expansion and lifting of the panel caused by the high humidity.

How to adjust the guitar nut and saddle

After the saddle is high, the pressure under the guitar bridge is high, and the resonance will be very full, but pressing the string will be more laborious, which will affect the smoothness of the player. If the saddle is too low, the feel will be better. but it will reduce the downward pressure of the strings on the guitar bridge, resonance will be affected a little, and may affect delay caused by the impact of beating. So everyone should try to find the best distance of string they like based on their favorite feel and height.

Tools preparation

Sandpaper, utility knife, special string slot, 502 glue, guitar cleaning cloth

1. Adjust the height of the saddle, we call it "grinding", which is to grind on estimate the height of the 12 fret. Basically keep the lower edge of the 12 fret to the top of the column (the crown) at around 2-3.5mm. It can be set according to your own preferences. In case of low grinding, you can put some thin wooden strips or cards in the slot of the guitar code.

2. Adjust the height of the nut, we call it "dig". How much is it to dig or grind? We can make a comparison: referring to the figure, we can estimate height of the second fret by pressing the first fret, and set first product to be greater than or equal to the height. Remember to dig a little bit and observe the nut and saddle. But sometimes it will be low and lead to beat. The remedy is to drop 502 glue, after the glue is solidified, it will be fine. Of course, after solidification, you still need to look at the height. Continue to deal with it when it is high. Or you can buy a nut and reinstall it. Remember that the nut should use wood glue. Using 502 will be very difficult to dismantle, which is not conducive to maintenance and debugging.

Note Protection method:

1) Normal guitars fit 40-60 humidity. Once less than or greater than this safe range, they must be treated with a desiccant or a special guitar humidifier.
2) Air conditioner or dehumidifier. Place the desiccant in guitar body. Form a habit of putting the guitar in a sealed guitar box or bag after playing (guitar box and bag also put some desiccant).
3) If you want to use the guitar in a short period of time, you can only slightly lower the height of saddle. Then you need sandpaper to polish it.